Schools and Education

Newark has had a public school system at least since 1885. It was into this system that as many as thirty rural schools were consolidated beginning in the late 1940s. The town’s $6.8 million campus was built in 1984 from taxes generated from the electric plant. The school has found itself now in a situation of having to support a large complex with less tax revenue coming in. In 2004, Newark was consolidated with the Cord-Charlotte School District to create the Cedar Ridge School District.

--Encyclopedia of Arkansas History And Culture

The Cedar Ridge School District

Cedar Ridge School District was created in 2003 from the consolidation of the Newark and Cord Charlotte Communities. Our district is approximately 220 square miles. The district serves over 800 students on the three campuses: Newark Elementary, Cord Charlotte Elementary, and Cedar Ridge Junior/Senior High School. The district also operates three pre-school programs, one at Oil Trough, and one on each campus at Newark and Cord Charlotte. The school's website is available here.

Cedar Ridge High School

Cedar Ridge High School on the Cedar Ridge Newark campus