Business and Industry

Several industrial facilities are located here including Entergy's power generating station, and Peco Foods' processing plant.

Independence Steam-Electric Generating Station

The Independence Steam-Electric Generating Station is a 1,678-megawatt coal-fired base load power plant with two units, rated at 850 MWe each, that came online in 1983 and 1984. The plant is owned in part by Entergy Arkansas.

MNA and Union Pacific Railroads

The MNA and Union Pacific Railroads are an integral part of Newark and the industrial base here in town and the surrounding area.

Peco Foods processing plant

Peco Foods operates a substantial processing plant in Newark which was recently rennovated. The centerpiece of the mill renovation was the replacement of a 50-ton-per-hour pelleting line with a new 85-ton-per-hour system. The source gates, feeder, conditioners, pellet mill, cooler, air system, crumbler, and fat coater were all replaced during this installation. While the renovation was proceeding, the second pelleting line was operational nearly 24/7. Other enhancements during the mill retrofit work included replacement of several receiving conveyors, a mixed feed conveyor, distributor, pellet transfer conveyors, and some valves and spouting. The grain silos consisted of two 100-foot-diameter, 1-million-bushel concrete silos. These silos consisted of a new receiving pit, 20,000-bushel bucket elevator and distribution conveyors, 1/10 cfm aeration, temperature detection system, and 7,000-bushel-per-hour reclaim conveyors.

Newark has contributed to the state’s growth mostly through agriculture. For more than 100 years, producers primarily grew cotton. In the 1960s, rice and other grains became more profitable to grow. Cattle operations have also been successful. A number of poultry-raising operations have been established around Newark, and their flocks are taken to Batesville for processing. Although several small industries operated in the city in the early years, none was of major concern. Today, the town boasts one of the state’s largest electric steam generating plants. In 1983 and 1984, the $525.9 million Independence Steam Electric Station began generating power from low sulfur coal. It serves several surrounding states.

--Encyclopedia of Arkansas History and Culture

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